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themishapsofmishi asked:

I just found your robin cosplay off of a another tumblr I follow and omg you are stunningly beautiful :3 All of your pictures and progress pictures reminded me why I love cosplaying and sewing. I hope you have a wonderful day!

Thankyou lovely ;v; <3 It’s great to hear that kind of thing! You made my day :D

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Anonymous asked:

Hi! You're Zatanna cosplay was literally perfect and I was wondering (if you didn't already answer this) where you bought some of the clothes, especially the yellow waistcoat? This is my first time cosplaying and I need all the help I can get. Thanks so much!

Thank you so much!! <3

I bought the shorts from target (lol) but I made the coat from a pattern in Cosmode and sewed the gold vest part together so it’d stay closed! Pretty cheap + fast solution XP

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Robin costume walkthrough! 

1. You can’t have a Robin without a Robin emblem can you?! I sculpted this to cast this in resin. Sometimes its hard to draw a perfect circle, so what I did was draw logos out on illustrator (1:1 scale since illustrator has a handy ruler) and print them out when I was happy with proportions! I had a 4mm thick foam sheet I cut out after i traced the circle and design and built the clay on it. It’ll take a while, but you can smooth the clay with the heat of your hands and a hairdryer or heatgun. The rest of the items were made the same way - there a Red Robin emblem an belt thingies and a batarang too!
The cardboard around it was the build walls to hold the silicon I pour in to make the moulds.

2. Moulds all cured! I didn’t really take any photos of the poured resin because… it’d literally look like pouring water into an ice mould.

3. Maaaaask! The most important part of making a mask is having a cast of your own face. This is something you need help in so ask your friends(2 or more preferable)! They can help you make yours and you can help them make theirs! 
this process was taking strips of the clay and putting them in rough shapes to frame the eyes. You have to make sure you give yourself enough room, I actually would have preferred a little more here.

4. I couldn’t take many photos this step because my hands were covered in icky things - what I did was make a soft plasteline wall (like on the other casts and cardboard), sealed the clay with spraypaint/sealant, this is very important!! Because silicon and resin is expensive you can make the mould out of plaster - if you do not seal your cast, it will bond to your face cast. It’s better to make your plaster slightly more on the runny side so the air bubble can rise and you get more detail.

5. The mask pulled - once your plaster cures, gently pull it off you face cast - it’s okay if your clay sculpt is ruined in this process. Take all remaining clay out of the plaster mould and seal with spraypaint/sealant. Now you can paint many thin layers at a time (if it’s too thick it will take too long to dry) until you reach the thickness you desire.
You can mix acrylic paint to the colour you want and add it to the latex as latex dries relatively clear.
It’ll be messy when you pull the latex out, so simply cut the edges clean with scissors.

6. Damian’s vest was a little tricky, I had to alter a usual vest patter so there were no side seams. The belt is fastened with snaps and has 10 pouches I actually flipped upside down so it opens at the bottom because it looked much nicer! The belt buckle I E600’d a belt loop on the back but it fell off at the shoot. I used double sided tape to put it back and it’s never been a problem after :D

7. Most of the costume done - the cape god Jill(breathless-ness) came over to help me draft the cape shape, and i drafted the hood from scrap material. I made the Robin symbol a pin by gluing a pinback to the back so I can remove it.

8. The first bodysuit I made bunched in funny ways - the pvc I used did not stretch so I had to give myself extra room for when my muscles change shape as I move. It ended up being too loose.

9. The mask on my face! The glove pattern I made by tracing my hand, then sewed wadding with slits to put the fins in - I need to find a way to secure them because I lost one at Dragon*Con :( I MacGuyver’d a replacement with cardboard and hotglue.

10. Here you can see a different bodysuit - I cheated and am actually using my Cass Cain bodysuit because no one will see the symbol anyways XP

Material info:
To sculpt I use Chavant medium NSP plasteline - it’s easier to heat but will hold its shape. It’s also sulphur free so it means that it won’t prevent silicon from curing(hardening).

The silicon I use is Pinkysil - the easiest to use mix ratio wise(1:1) and easiest for me to find in my country haha.

The resin I use is Easycast - also a 1:1 mix ratio. I also cheat and put my silicon moulds in my mini oven when I’m impatient. The silicon is heat resistant and the resin cures faster!
I haven’t properly measured the cure times yet but it helped me when I needed to cure many items for Frankie Stein in a short amount of time.

A 1:1 mix ratio is good because there’re more room for error if you get your measurements a little bit off.

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For the Vorpal Blade, we had a friend who does laser cutting, and commissioned the shape from a reference to be debossed on bot sides, with a thin handle to build on. We then spray-painted them silver.

The handle ended up being trickier than we’d thought, we tried sculpting it with sculpey clay around the handle, cutting it in half and baking it so we could glue it back on -


It shrunk when it baked.

It no longer fit our handles.

Anyway, it still worked to glue it back on then fill the open edges with hotglue. 

The plan for the design was to paint with 3D paint, but as we were working on a tight deadline, I opted to just draw in with hotglue. It dries fast and wasn’t loadbearing, so it was perfect. Then it was simply painted with gld glue.

The weathering detail, however, is the most important part!

And it’s super simple - just put a blob of black paint on your prop, and before it dries, use a rough cloth (scrap drill and stuff work well) to just rub it into every crack and scratch. Try not to press too hard, or you’ll take too much paint off. If you mess up, just try again! Practice makes perfect, and the best part about weathering is that it’s not supposed to be neat.

You can also wear parts down with sandpaper before you do the paint so it’ll catch in more grooves! 

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Alice: Madness returns Late but lucky costume progress! I know you guys asked for a Robin tutorial, but this is my warm up.

I’m missing a few steps here, but some things I’d like to mention with each photo:

1. Quarter pinning ruffles takes the most time, but gives the most precise distribution of fabric. Quarter pinning is when you want to make ruffles, so you pin the half point of the longer material to the half point of the shorter, and keep doing that for each half you get, until you get what you see in step 1.

2. A quick look at the silhouette the petticoat it making on my dressform. Silhouette is important! Fanplusfriend has a great visual example of it.

3. Putting the beginning of the shirt-dress on my form to see the fit.

4. Testing if the neck horse-shoe wire setting I made (It was just a bit of wire hotglued to the back) would sit on my cravat.

5. Collar completed and shirt attached to the shirt. you can see in photo 6 there is this blue ribbon on the bottom of the collar - this was because I wanted very strong interfacing for the collar so I used stiff tulle. This actually scratched up my neck so I had to sew the ribbon covering. I only had blue at the time (lol)

6. Completed the jacket and checked the fit to make sure the sleeves were visible past the jacket sleeves.

7. Completed the vest and checked the proportions and v shapes at the front.

8. Tried it all on! At this point I really disliked the ruffles of the skirt shirt thing, it was a 3:1 ruffle ratio. I changed it to a 1:1.5 ration (this means the waistband was my waist measurement and the ruffle was 1.5 * that measurement.)

9. The makings of a shoe cover toe. I cut up the from you’d use in a couch cushion into the shape of a toe, cut an x shape and glued exercise mat foam carved into a claw shape into it. I painted the claw first, then hotglued fur over each toe, and made spats sewed to fur to complete the rest of the shoe cover. The base shoes were ballet flats.

10. Complete costume at the shoot! Photo by Rayfy.
The hat was built on a base top hat with the wrong shape that tapered in at the top. I cut a circle larger than the diameter of the head opening, glued it on and made a fabric cover, which was the glued to the base hat - the seam was covered by the red band.
The ears were long cardboard bullet shaped, and covered with two colours of fur, and glued at the bottom to have the bunny ear shape.

Photo posts can only have 10 so I’ll go a bit more into the knife in the next post!

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Anonymous asked:

Do you have a tutorial on your Robin cosplay? I really love it and this year I want to be Robin this year but I don't where to start..

I have a few work in progress photos I could write about for you if you’d like :) Just send me another ask so I have a reminder!

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Anonymous asked:

Love all your costumes! Is your Huntress Helena Wayne or Helena Bertinelli?

Helena Wayne :D I love me some mafia boss daughter too, though XD